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Enjoy coffee without waste.

Sign now for clean coffee, the nature and the oceans.

Coffee brewed with single-use coffee capsules made out of plastic and aluminum is not only much more expensive, it is a waste of valuable resources, the recycling is not only expensive – there is no recycling system that works properly.

In other words, the companies leave the recycling to you, the customer. The result: most of the capsules end up in landfills and finally in the ocean.

The only solution is a deposit system. This is the conclusion of a Study carried out by the Zero Waste Research Center in 2010.

We are therefore petitioning the European Parliament to change legislation and to implement a deposit system for single-use coffee capsules in the European Union. Thank you for your support.

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I hereby wish to express my support for the proposal of introducing a deposit system for single-use coffee capsules.

Enjoy coffee without waste.

We all love it, it is a cultural asset and for the most of us the first thing in the morning: a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee. So far so tasty, but recently convenience has joined the table.

Wrapped up in a fancy design and promoted by celebrities like George Clooney, Robbie Williams or Christian Ulmen single-use coffee capsules made out of plastic and aluminum are the latest lifestyle product.

The reason why single-use coffee capsules are so inconceivable successful: they suit our laziness and single-use mentality: Buy it, consume it and throw it away.

Reasons for a deposit system:

  • The capsules are made out of toxic materials like plastic and aluminum.
  • The production is a tremendous waste of valuable resources and energy.
  • The mixture of materials makes recycling difficult, expensive and a waste of energy.
  • There are no proper recycling programs provided by the coffee companies.
  • The capsules are mostly thrown in the general trash, then pile up on the landfills and finally end up in the ocean.


The best alternative to brew your coffee is a coffeemaker. French press, Moka pot or Pourover – there are many ways to enjoy coffee without creating waste. And it is easy, cheaper and you will experience the real coffee flavour.

But if you really don’t want to resign your single-use coffee capsule lifestyle – at least go for ecofriendly alternatives. There are companies which offer refillable, fully bio-sourced or biodegradable coffee capsules. And on top, some offer fair traded coffee too. We listed some, if you know some, just drop us a mail to:

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